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Safety Tips for Boating on Lake Michigan

Published on May 5, 2022 at 10:32 pm in Boating Accidents.

Safety Tips for Boating on Lake Michigan
When the weather warms up, Lake Michigan becomes a big hot spot for recreational boaters. Many people love this iconic waterway’s soothing waves and great fishing opportunities. However, danger lurks in the water. If boaters don’t use good judgment, someone can go from having a fun day to becoming a statistic. Here are a few of the most important safety tips for boating on Lake Michigan.

6 Tips for Staying Safe While Boating

Published on Jun 28, 2018 at 3:51 pm in Boating Accidents.

Summertime brings a lot of opportunities for outside activities for those in Chicago. Many will take advantage of the warm weather and enjoy an outing on Lake Michigan. Boating is a fantastic way to spend a sunny Saturday basking in the sun or a weekday evening viewing the amazing Chicago skyline or the fabulous fireworks displays at Navy Pier on a Wednesday or Saturday night.  However, those who are going should know the risks and take certain precautions to stay safe.

Boating accidents can cause devastating injuries or death. If you or a loved one has been injured in a boating accident, a Chicago boating accident lawyer from Krzak Rundio Gorman, Injury Attorneys can help you with your claim. Your injuries can be life-changing and result in substantial medical care and may even  keep you from working. We’ll work hard to assure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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