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Chicago Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyer

Getting around a busy city like Chicago can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming.  Rideshare services offer people an option, so they don’t have to deal with the frustrating logistics of navigating the city on their own.  Individuals can summon a ride with the ease of an app on their phone. Two popular rideshare companies are Uber and Lyft.  While individuals feel safe when they use these services because they’re not responsible for driving, an Uber or Lyft driver can make a mistake that ends up causing severe harm to an innocent person. If you’ve been wrongfully injured in a rideshare accident, Krzak Rundio Gorman, Injury Attorneys is here for you. One of our Chicago Uber and Lyft accident lawyers will help you get the justice you deserve.

We’ve been representing citizens of Chicago and Illinois for years. We’re proud to stand up for people who were harmed through no fault of their own. It can be intimidating to file a claim against a rideshare company because the companies are huge and there are often multiple parties involved in an accident. Finding out who was at fault is crucial to your case. Our lawyers are trained in gathering evidence to determine what happened and who is responsible for an accident. Through our investigation and the discovery process that litigation provides for, we will determine what went wrong, who the responsible party is, and how their inappropriate actions caused you damages.

One of the most important things to understand is how rideshare collisions happen in the first place.

How Do Rideshare Accidents Happen?

There are many factors that influence a rideshare accident. They nearly always come back to someone acting negligently.

One of the most obvious causes of accidents is the rideshare driver.  The Driver of an Uber or Lyft vehicle has the responsibility to drive safely, and when they don’t obey the rules of the road, they endanger their passengers and everyone around them.

Distracted driving is a major cause for concern. This occurs when the driver is doing something that takes their eyes off the road, or removes a hand from the wheel or takes their mind off of driving.  Typically, cell phones are the culprit.  Rideshare drivers are often seen using their phones to text or call people.  Additionally, rideshare drivers often become distracted because they need their phone for their job. They also may need it as a navigational tool. While there are ways to mount the phone on the dashboard, the drivers often take their eyes off the road to follow the map on the phone and ignore the road ahead of them.  Rideshare drivers are also often seen trying to do other things while at the wheel like eating, drinking, or adjusting their playlist for the ride.

Another issue that rideshare drivers may face is fatigue while driving. In some cases rideshare drivers work for multiple companies and work long shifts or multiple days in a row.  When a driver is tired, his/her driving skills aren’t sharp and their reaction time is slowed down. This can lead to them dozing off, not noticing vehicles around them, or not identifying what’s on the road ahead of them.  Fatigued drivers can also forget to engage in typical safe driving skills like using headlights and turn signals, which could surprise the other vehicles around them.  A fatigued driver is in no condition to drive.

There are also instances where rideshare drivers are too aggressive in their driving.  This type of driver will speed, tailgate, weave in and out of lanes or prevent people from passing them. Their hostile approach to driving is dangerous because it gives them less reaction time and space to slow down or stop if they need to.  They also risk angering other drivers around them. Some aggressive drivers may also experience road rage, where they shout or curse at other drivers or try to somehow get back at them while driving. When someone is upset, they shouldn’t be driving.

Finally, poor maintenance of a rideshare vehicle can lead to an accident.  This included ill-maintained brakes, faulty signals and a whole host of other mechanical issues.

Uber and Lyft Accident Policies

The insurance available in a rideshare accident can be a complicated issue.  Rideshare companies often have different levels of insurance that are available during different stages of a ride. Your attorney will be able to learn through the discovery process which insurance policy applies to your situation and will also aggressively represent your interests to assure that you get a fair result through settlement or trial.

Uber has different levels of insurance at different times.  These include: when the app is on, when they’ve accepted a ride, and when the app is off.  The highest level of available insurance is typically when they’ve accepted a ride or are in the process of giving a ride.

Lyft’s is similar because it has different stages as well. When the driver mode is off, the driver’s personal insurance kicks in. When the driver mode is on but there isn’t a passenger, there is one level of coverage.  When a ride is accepted, there is another level of insurance.

Your Uber/ Lyft rideshare injury lawyer will conduct the appropriate analysis to determine what level of insurance is available to assist in getting you a just result.

Get Help from Krzak Rundio Gorman, Injury Attorneys Today

Rideshare accident injuries can have severe consequences. They can prevent you from working, living your life and result in the need for intense medical care.

With the help of our Chicago attorneys, you won’t have to worry about dealing with insurance adjusters or how you’re going to get through your injuries. It’s vital that you have peace of mind when moving forward with your recovery because you need to be able to focus on getting back to normal as soon as possible.

If you’ve been injured in a rideshare accident, it’s best to contact us  so we can help you evaluate your case. In a free consultation, we’ll discuss what happened, what your options are and how we can achieve your goals so you can take the first step toward putting this traumatic experience behind you.

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