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“I really appreciated the personal attention and concern for my wellbeing that Matthew Rundio provided. He was very driven to arrive at a decision that was fair and just. I would recommend Krzak/Rundio to anyone looking for the same service.”

— B.W., from Schaumburg, Illinois

“Matthew Rundio was recommended to me through friends of my brothers. This was my first time having to use an attorney and Matt provided exceptional legal representation on my behalf after an auto accident with a driving service. His diligence, attention to detail, responsiveness, and candor made him a pleasure to work with. I would absolutely recommend Matt as a legal representative in an auto accident case.”

— Jill P., from Chicago

“We felt very comfortable with the attorney, Matt Rundio, and his firm.The whole process was a bit overwhelming and Matt did a fantastic job explaining every step of the way. Matt took the time to answer our questions and concerns. He went above and beyond and did everything to ensure a great outcome. Matt is very detailed, professional, knowledgeable and responsive. It was comforting to know that everything was being handled properly. Matt was able to secure a settlement without going to court. Our family really appreciates all you have done for us and we would highly recommend this firm.”

— B. A.

“I was involved in a car accident in which the other party ran a red light, resulting in a nasty collision. My vehicle was totaled, I was in pain, and I had no idea what to do. I attempted to work things out through insurance, but the other party’s insurance was trying to claim no fault. That’s when I heeded a friend’s recommendation to reach out to Matt Rundio. After the first meeting with him, I felt so much relief. His kind nature and professionalism ensured to my conscious that I was making the right choice working with him. Matt Rundio helped me navigate the complicated legal and medical process every step of the way, truly going above and beyond with genuine compassion. I am grateful to have been referred to him and will always recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in a similar unfortunate situation.”

— Dan R., from Chicago

“My father is an immigrant to the United States. In 2016, my father was walking and crossing the road at the signal light in the morning and got hit by a car. He ended up having surgery in his ankle. We contacted Matthew to help us as our legal attorney to manage this legal process.

I was so worried before I contacted Matthew about how I would manage my dad’s accident case. He couldn’t speak English. Matthew made the process very smooth and easy by communicating in different ways. He is very professional at his work with his years of professional experience. He was so prepared, organized and very communicative. He and his team worked step by step with my father to collect all the case-related information.

I highly recommend him for his dedication to his clients. He understands the trust of his clients. His information and guidance are very simple, easy to understand– yet very effective. I worked with Matthew for 2 years. He communicated with me to give me all the case-related updates. I really appreciate all his hard work for my father and I.”

— Yash P., from Schaumburg, IL

“I highly recommend Matthew Rundio! In both cases he handled for my family, he promptly responded to my emails, phone calls, and messages. Matthew is a brilliant lawyer who knows how to cut through defense attorney tactics to embarrass the victim and twist and turn the facts. Matthew made our family feel comfortable during a very difficult and intimidating long deposition.

One of Matthew’s strong suits is delivering a clear and powerful PowerPoint presentation that showed the real story of my case. He does a great job communicating with the judge and can easily overcome objections. Matthew works well with all levels of people including the judges and witnesses. Matthew has strong analytical skills and is able to size up what is really going on behind the scenes in a lawsuit. His office was so organized that I could focus on healing. He did a great job arranging the right experts to testify on my behalf that gave us the best chance of winning my case.

When you sit down with Matthew, he is a great listener with good judgement and good people skills. His perseverance is at the top ranks and gets right back at it no matter how tough things are going! He is also a master of research and does his homework analyzing your case at every possible angle. Matthew is very intimate with the law and knows how it applies. I think you will find that Attorney Matthew Rundio is great at preparing legal strategies while knowing how to gauge a juror’s reaction. Matthew Rundio is the model of a lawyer in which you get upscale concierge customer service!!”

— Michael L., from Roscoe, IL

“Our family first met Mike Krzak at what was undeniably the worst time of our lives. Our eldest son was tragically killed in a horrific and preventable commercial plane crash in 2009. After meeting Mike, we immediately felt confident in Mike’s professional ability. Mike Krzak is undeniably a well-respected and recognized expert in his field.

Over the next several years, he represented and guided our family through the complexities and emotional turmoil of the legal process. Throughout this difficult time, he was always aware and sensitive to our needs and requests. Mike’s professional prowess gave us the confidence needed to successfully move forward. Mike is an exceptional lawyer who we recommend highly.

He is remarkable not only for his proficient legal skills and knowledge but for his personal attention and care for the individual. We feel extremely fortunate that we met Mike and that he represented our family’s interests. He remains today a trusted attorney and most importantly, a good friend.

— The Perry Family

“Mike Krzak served as my safe-haven during a time when the world around me felt incredibly scary and unpredictable.  On September 24th, 2012, a semi-truck veered into my husband’s work zone killing him on impact.  At the time of the accident, my children were 1 and 5.  In that moment, our world was left completely ravished and it became difficult to know who or what to trust.  When I first met Mike, I immediately felt his compassion and empathy for my situation and an overwhelmingly authentic desire to help.  Though at the time I had limited experience with lawyers, Mike’s compassion which never dwindled throughout this lengthy process, seemed a rare find in a lawyer.  He kept me informed, met challenges head on, and fought for my family when I was too weak to fight.   I’ll never forget when we entered mediation, and the decorated and seasoned mediator looked directly at me and said “In all my years, I have never seen a case worked so diligently.  You picked the right lawyer.” Of course, by this point, he didn’t have to tell me that, but it was good to hear someone else recognizing Mike’s tireless efforts toward my cause.  In the end, although no monetary sum can replace my husband, my best friend, and the only father to my children, Mike was able to provide a beautiful life for children and I and one where financial burdens are non-existent. Mike Krzak is not only a rare breed of lawyer but through our time together became a lifelong friend and confidant. “

— Courtney S.

“Mike Krzak took my case at a time when other attorneys were painting a much gloomier end result. From day one he made me feel comfortable and confident in his abilities. He answered every question I had and explained what would happen in a step-by-step fashion…which I appreciated. He felt like an old friend from the beginning….easy-going, trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable.

Very in-tuned with the possibility my case could end up in court, he was upfront about it from the beginning and assured me we would be prepared for it. There could have been several additional set backs had Michael not stayed on top of my case.

Although I was hesitant, Michael fought aggressively and my case did end up going to court. He seamlessly presented the information in the courtroom from beginning to end without hesitation and with a powerful, convincing tone. Although it could have gone in favor of the defendant, his “no-nonsense, fact based” approach, both in and out of the courtroom resulted in a favorable verdict for my case. I have since referred several people to Michael with confidence.”

— Rosie S.

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